A downloadable game for Windows

A cute line art experience where you help Gary and other townsfolk stay calm by placing them in their favourite environments, and keeping them away from the things they despise. See how many townsfolk you can keep satisfied before they start fights, burst into flames and disappear! 


Gary Loves Trees [WebGL] - Latest
Gary Loves Trees [GMTK Jam 2020] 36 MB


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cool visual! will there be a mobile version?

Love it. fun game to play. Great entertainment. Will be sure to share it ;)

Interesting. Very emotional ending for me personaly.


I would totally chill out and take care of some melons when they look this good!

Would love to combine with some sort of resources so I can add new things to their park and treat them to nice things!

Could also see that the scenery needs maintenance and that the melons want new things after a while.